Solo exhibition at State of the Art


¬†INVITE1StateoftheART is delighted to present STILLNESS and MOTION, the artist’s second solo show with the gallery. In this collection of work with its voyeuristic undertones and narrative feel, a glimpse is offered into the private moments of the lives of the characters that populate the paintings. There are however two distinctly different ways of observing the human condition: in roughly half of the works, the context is detailed and dense, the characters specific and charged with emotion. The scenes portrayed may be quiet moments, like a pause before some action is taken, but, the complexity of the settings hint at the quandary of each situation at hand. In the blurred images of the other half of the collection, there is a notable shift from the personal to the incidental. The context becomes vague and the characters anonymous. The focus moves from inward to outward, away from emotion and towards mere motion.

The exhibition will run concurrently online for those unable to attend.
Works may be previewed and purchased through the website in advance of the opening.

show opens 04.06.2015, 5pm till 9pm
exhibition continues until 20.06.2015
please note that there will not be a formal opening for this exhibition
61 Shortmarket Street, Cape Town
Gallery hours: 10-5 weekdays, 10-2 Saturdays



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